From a very early age I wanted to live in Seattle.

I think I probably first became aware of the city from the show Frasier. And even thought that show didn’t embrace the city the way that Seinfeld did, I was still drawn to the location.

People told me about the short winters and summers and long springs and falls and I loved that. They told me about all the rain and clouds and I loved that. They told me about coffee and beer and fresh fish and grunge rock and I loved it all.

I thought about it my whole childhood. I thought it would be great to live in a big city that wasn’t New York or Chicago big. I thought it would be great to be thousands of miles from my family. I thought it would be great to finally have to purchase an expensive umbrella.

The dream never died. Once I got into college and I realized that I would need to go to grad school to become licensed I starting looking towards the Northwest to see what was out there for me. University of Washington had Architecture, but not at their Seattle campus. University of Oregon had Architecture as well, but not in Portland. Portland State University had a graduate Architecture program and I wanted to know more about it.

So about a year after I graduated I called up a high school friend who lived in Portland and I told her that I was going to make my first trip to the Northwest and she told me I could stay with her and her boyfriend while I was there. She showed me around Portland. We hung out, drank a lot of awesome beer, ate some great food, took in the city of Portland and I fell in love. I knew I wanted to go to school there. We checked out PSU’s facilities and they were just fine and I decided that was going to be my big move.

We took the train up to Seattle one day and toured the city and I loved that as well. But it wasn’t as hometownish as Portland, and it didn’t have the great beer.

I came home from that trip with full intentions of moving to Portland once I decided to go back to school. The problem was I hadn’t even found a job in Architecture yet and I knew I wanted to work first. My plan was years away from happening, but that was okay. It was still going to happen.

But little did I know that something I did the fall before I went to Portland was going to change my plans and keep me away from the city I so badly wanted to call home. On September 27th the fall before my trip I took my now wife out on our first date. By the time I got around to going back to school she was well entrenched in my life and not going anywhere, literally and figuratively.

I talked to her about moving and she flat out said she wouldn’t do it. I had to respect her wishes. And I know I could’ve ended things with her and moved on with my life 3,000 miles away, but I decided to stay with her. I knew at the time that if everything played out right she would be my wife. And that is exactly what happened.

My dream of moving to the Northwest died, but I don’t mind. It turned out just fine. I always joke with my wife that if we get divorced I’ll move to Portland or New York City, but I know I won’t. I’ll be wherever my daughter is forever. And I’m sure not planning on getting divorced.