The Big 5-0

This is my 50th posting on this blog and I want to thank everyone of you that has read any of them.

It has been a fun journey so far, and my sincere hope is that I entertained you at least a little. If I managed to teach you something, show you something, help you with something, or inspire you to do something then I am truly grateful.

I hope that my readership continues to grow and that I continue to produce work worth reading.

I have hit a point where I don’t want to dredge my past too much for fear of boring some of you, but I don’t want this to be a blog only about my contemporary life either. I like the blend I have achieved so far but realize I need to mix it up more to keep you guys, as well as myself, entertained.

This is the point I thought I would reach much quicker than I did. And I am happy to have hit it. It will force me to be more creative and dig deeper for my postings. My goal is or more inspired writing, let’s see how it goes.