Pretending to Amuse

The Birth of a Podcast

This past weekend I launched another, and final, ship on this creative whirlwind that has been my past month: I started my own podcast.

Or rather, I co-started it. My friend Jason and I (you can find his contact info in the “contact” section) recorded our first two shows.

Saturday was spent configuring the recording equipment. We could not get it right to save our lives. I always sounded fine, Jason always sounded like a robot. No matter what channel in the mixer. No matter what mic was used. No matter what cable was used. No matter where we sat. No matter if we turned off all the lights and anything that might give interference. No matter what, always the same result.

We tried everything and eliminated every possible hardware problem. And then, not so cleverly, turned to the software and found our problem.

Jason is the main voice of the show. He sets up most of the content and keeps the show rolling. He is perfectly suited for that. I am the guy he bounces ideas off of and I share a story once in awhile. This is where I’m comfortable at right now. But even between recording the first and second shows I came out of my shell a bit.

I can see doing this podcast as something that really helps my job. Being able to talk and have conversation is not my strong suit, and if I can strengthen that muscle through this workout then that would be an incredible bonus.

But the main point is that it has been a lot of fun. It has been fun hanging out with my friend and bullshitting for a couple hours, fun doing research for, fun to think about and even more fun to put the headphones on and create something uniquely yours.

I love to make stuff. I’m not too good with a saw or a paintbrush, I get away with guitar, but I never really felt I had the hands of an artist, while I’ve always felt I’ve had the brain of one. That is why I took to Architecture, it is why I have taken to Photography, both areas you can explore your creative side without having physical skills.

Writing and speaking are others but I’m not very good at either yet. But I’m trying them out, trying to improve, and trying to be entertaining to you. I hope I have done so.