The Dude Abides

One of my favorite movies is “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen Brothers.

My favorite character, and I think I have this in common with most people who enjoy the film, is Walter. But this post is about the Dude. In many ways the Dude and Walter could not exist as separate people, but only as the tandem they are presented to us as.

They are obviously polar opposite characters. Walter the war vet who always abides by the rules with strict adherence. The Dude is as laid back as it gets who hates to follow the rules, even the ones he makes. They are the archetypal odd couple, displayed perfectly and hilariously in film.

I used to feel very much like Walter. Angry, self-important, and ready to pull a gun in a bowling alley.

I’m starting to feel more like the Dude. Relaxed, smarter than I realized, and listening to the equivalent of bowling on tape to relax.

I feel like a great challenge has been presented before me. One that is bigger than me, and I was probably placed into by happenstance. Just like the Dude and his caper of finding the missing Bunny. And as I get further into this voyage I feel like I might have a real shot of figuring it out, hopefully without being drugged by a porn magnate.

And through it all I feel like I have kept my Walter edge, maybe even honed it so it isn’t so scattered and attenuated. And I think that having the split personality working well within me right now is playing out a lot like “The Big Lebowski”, perfectly.

It is a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time, probably since I was in Grad School working on research papers. I enjoy it immensely, and I have been extremely productive both at home and work for weeks now.

I feel that this blog might’ve been perfectly timed in its creation.