The Long Hiatus

October 20th. That was the date of my last entry to this blog. Shockingly, this page has actually increased in foot traffic since then, I’m not sure how.

Why haven’t I posted? Well the answer is pretty simple:

  1. I haven’t been writing as much. Life with two kids and a busier work schedule has shrunken my time. Also a couple other things have taken up a good deal of my time I will talk about in a minute.
  2. The things I have written either were not any good, or things you guys don’t typically read much anyway (science and medicine heavy), or extremely dark and I didn’t really want to sparsely put out really dark things. It might give the wrong impression of how I have been feeling.
  3. I’ve been feeling really great! Even my sleep has been pretty normal for the last few weeks, even though sleep is a continual issue for me. I’ve had a handful of rotten stuff happen, hence the dark essays, but I felt great throughout the holidays despite those things.
  4. The election. I don’t really want to get into politics here. But somehow it became and unavoidable thing that all of my essays for the last several months devolved into. I hated it, so I chose not to publish it.
  5. The election. It has consumed most of my brain space. For the last few years, most of my brain space was devoted to mental health stuff. I spent all of my free time reading about mental health stuff and now that time is dedicated to politics. I’m sure there is a good essay in there about my obsessive nature when it comes to diving head long into a topic for months, or years, on end. Maybe I’ll get into that later.
  6. The election. I can only handle putting so much of myself out there for public consumption. And since I have been putting a lot of my political opinions out there, I felt less inclined to put this side of myself on display as well.

So here is the rundown:

The holidays were actually pretty bad for me. It was an odd flip. Normally the holidays are great and I feel terrible, but this year they were terrible and I felt great. Who knows. The issues I did encounter during the holidays almost exclusively centered on family, so don’t expect any big write ups about that.

I have maintained a level or even up mood sustained since March. I am fully off of medication, only occasionally taking some klonopin when anxious, especially when I cannot sleep.

I recently traded some old guitar gear for a new (to me) amp. It is a fun amp to play on and I have retooled my pedal board and I have played on it at least half hour everyday for a couple weeks now. It has been a great source of stress relief.

So, that’s that I guess. I just renewed this website for another year. The middle of February will mark my third year of this endeavor, and I still consider it to be one of the best things I have ever done with my time. Over the holidays a handful of people contacted me with depression and anxiety problems. I have noticed a lot more people willing to discuss there struggles on social media. And I feel like the blogging community is really working to scale down some of the stigma. I’m proud to be even an insignificant part of that.

So I am hoping that this means I am back in the saddle with some stuff I have been working on. Expect the first blog to publish on Wednesday.

Thanks for still being here and I look forward to sharing more with you again.