The Neighbors

So, for the first time since I was a little kid, I have made friends with my neighbors.

Maybe a couple weeks ago Sam and I took Jocelyn on a walk and we happened to turn right at the foot of our driveway and walk towards Mack (normally we walk the other direction and go deeper into our neighborhood). As we got closer to the end of our street we noticed a gathering of very little kids, all younger than 3, playing in a front yard, with the parents standing by chatting.

As we walked past the yard the adults said hello and one of them said “Hey, I’m your neighbor”. I looked up and indeed it was the guy who lived almost directly across the street. We had met a few times, especially at Halloween. He has a son that is probably three and is very cute. Apparently he is also obsessed with my car and tells his father whenever my car gets home or leaves.

So we stopped and chatted and were introduced to the other parents standing there and all the kids. Everyone seemed nice and we all got along.

Well now we have chosen that path for our walks a handful of times and Jocelyn has started to play with the other kids and give them hugs and high fives and such and it is really cute. And the last time we were down there, one of the mothers invited us to her daughter’s third birthday party in June, at her house. She said she wanted to be more friendly with the neighbors and thought this would be a good opportunity for everyone to hang out. She didn’t have a date picked out yet and told us she would talk to us more about it later on, so we don’t know if we can go or anything but we talked about it and agreed we should go if we can.

Here is the odd-ball loop I was thrown on earlier this week. One of my best friends went to a baseball game organized by another one of my friends (I was invited as well but I was camping) and while there he was talking to a girl about how she moved to Grosse Pointe and loves it and just had a son and everything. My friend mentioned the street I live on and she responded that she lived on the same street. As it turns out, it was her house my wife and I had been frequenting. Not only that, but I know this girl too but just didn’t recognize her. She went to high school with me, graduated a year after me and was best friends with the now wife of one of my best friends.

Just bizarre.

So now I have something to talk about the next time we take a stroll down our street, probably tonight.