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Three Headed Monster

I’ve seen this done in other blogs but thought it was interesting enough to do here.

If I could clone myself in two other people, so there would be three of us, what would I have each of them do.

First is easy, clone one goes to work for me. Handle that 8-5 shit and bring home a paycheck. At the end of the day do all the tasks that need attention around the house. Fix lightbulbs, paint, re-shingle my garage, whatever. If there is none of that, then cool just hang out.

Second is a little harder because it determines what you will be doing. Second would be sent off to culinary school and learn how to be my personal chef. My wife loves to clean so I don’t really need help in that department, but cooking would be fantastic. And on days that I want to grill up a steak or smoke a pork shoulder then cool, take a day off.

And me, I would like to say I would work full time on my blog and podcast, or go get ripped up at the gym for hours a day, but I’m not sure I would spend any more attention to those things then I do now. I would play guitar more, for sure. And I would get more serious about working out. And I would produce better quality blogs because I would have time to, you know, edit them and stuff.

But ultimately I think I would binge watch TV most days, or get really into finding obscure music. Maybe once a week in the summer I would go for a photoshoot somewhere interesting. And honestly, I would probably let my depression really settle in deep. Without anything to do, it is easy to stay hidden in your bed with the covers shading you from the world.

I guess this exercise teaches you what you want out of life, and if that is true, I want very little out of it.