Weight No Longer

I have somehow accidentally lost some weight recently. That or my pants have grown. It isn’t much, maybe an inch at the most, but I noticed it earlier this week as I put on my work pants for the first time in almost a week.

Weight is something that people who take the medication I take have to be careful about and monitor closely. I almost never do. The only time I’m monitoring my weight is when I’m trying to lose some of it, which hasn’t happened recently.

I say I accidentally lost some weight not only because I wasn’t trying to, but because it would seem like I’ve been trying to gain it based on how I’ve been eating. I was utterly shocked when I required a belt this morning. But the findings do mean I should probably step on a scale and see what is going on and if I lose more. The findings should provide me inspiration for getting to the gym tonight and eating better since my body seems to be in a shed weight mode.

It won’t be that, but it should.

The truth about the gym is that I am really nervous to get back at it. I have had a string of injuries over the last few years that make the idea of getting back after it really scary. I tore my left rotator cuff, sprained my right ankle, tore my right meniscus, and I did something to my back the last time I was at the gym that makes me feel like I probably herniated a disc.

I love going to the gym, I love playing softball, but since I started doing both activities I have spent a lot of time on the disabled list. And with my job now and my child that time away is really bad news.

My wife tells me to start slow at the gym and work my way back into it, but that isn’t really how I roll. When I commit to things I go full bore on them. That is the only way I know how to work at something, especially physical. But she is probably right. I am probably getting hurt because I am going too hard, or at least, at an unsafe pace for my skillset and level.

Maybe I will go to the gym soon. But right now it is lunchtime and I need to eat some fried food.