You Gay, Bro?

I hate to get political twice in a week but there is some serious shit going on.

Friday the US Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage had to be observed by every state, as everyone knows. This is something I have been outspoken about since I first heard it was an issue, probably in eighth grade or so.

No one was ever able to explain to me what morals had to do with it in the first place, and in the second place how it was immoral without bringing up religion, and specifically Christian religion.

The reality is two parts. First, people have a hard time understanding what marriage is. It is not a religious ceremony, it is not sanctified by God, it is not traditionally defined, it has nothing to do with morals or ethics. Marriage is simply a way for two people who accrue joint property to protect themselves when that union is severed, either by death or divorce. It makes it easier for two people to plan a future together, it makes it possible to have parental rights over children you didn’t birth, or gives you access to financial and medical benefits, pensions, social security, etc.

Second, people feel icky about homosexual sex, and use religion to justify their feelings. I didn’t hear religious discussions about the sanctity of marriage when the divorce rate ballooned to 50% (that’s not fair, people do talk about it, but I don’t see billboards bemoaning it on my drive to work), even though divorce is a sin, and all sin is equal under God. And it is simple why, divorce doesn’t weird people out. I don’t know anyone that considers divorce a good thing, but it is widely accepted often times as being better than staying in the marriage. It comes down to, mostly male, psychology. Plenty of guys, myself included, have been grossed out by the thought of homosexual sex. And this is mainly why it has been illegal, in my opinion. It has been easy to push aside until just very recently. This country has a lot of backwards views on all types of sexuality, and I hope this marks a change for the future.

I honestly only know a couple of gay men. I don’t know any openly gay women, nor do I know any transgender people. This has honestly never once been an issue that really affected my life or the lives near me. But it has always been something I have felt strongly about. Other marriage laws I feel strongly about: I don’t think a couple should have to get married in order to have marital benefits. In some states, this is already the case, but not everywhere. I also don’t think polygamy should be illegal. However, I would make sure it is clearly stated that all existing parties in a polygamous relationship have to consent to the addition of another person. Frankly, I see marriage as an important way to protect property that should extend to any and all consenting adults. Anything else that goes into it, like religion, or ethics, or morals, or love, or anything, is fine, but is in addition to what marriage is.

I wish I knew more gay people so I could celebrate with them. I hope to be invited to some gay weddings in my future, but I don’t really see that happening, and I really only want to go because I love weddings. Dancing is my jam.